Silver Anvil and Silver Lining

I’ve learned a lot about being grateful this year.

It’s been a good news kind of year for me. (Well, with the major exception of having my PR agency position eliminated. That was very bad news.) I earned my APR designation from the Public Relations Society of America in January, won an award from my local PRSA chapter and started doing social media workshops for executives. In February, I gave a presentation about social media for nonprofits as part of the Council of PR Firm’s effort to give back to communities across the country. You can see that slideshow on my LinkedIn profile.

In March, my position was eliminated. Total grey clouds. A sudden tornado or earthquake. Unanticipated. But there was a silver lining. A week later I learned my campaign was a finalist for a Silver Anvil and then a week after that, it was also a finalist for a Silver SABRE award. The SABRE went to another campaign, but the Silver Anvil went to the campaign I led in June. Want to see it? Just click here.

April and May were busy with freelance work. That’s something new for me: being my own boss, having a very tiny commute downstairs and saving all that gas money. So far June has brought the opportunity to visit the beach two weekends in a row. I grew up living near the beach, but hadn’t been back in years. I was too busy at work, remember? Since I’m currently my own boss, I gave myself those vacation days.

I’m job hunting like crazy, but also taking the time to appreciate all the good things in my life. My friends are on the lookout, contacts I’ve made through work, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are giving me leads and great support and there’s a little extra time every day to just be myself and clear out the cobwebs.

So if you are working full time and busy with your career like I was, remember to take a little time for yourself. You might have had layoffs at your office or at another branch and might be feeling scared that your turn is next or trying to do your job plus the additional responsibilities of a former coworker. You might just be running yourself ragged. But do what you can to replenish and recharge. You’ll feel better at work and at home.

It’s such an honor to be nominated …

You hear celebrities say that all the time in the mad rush up to the Gold Globes/SAG/BAFTA/Academy Awards ceremonies, and you wonder if they really mean it. Well, I may never walk the red carpet outside the Kodak Theatre, but I can tell you it’s an honor for your work to be nominated for an award.

Two weeks ago, my agency downsized and I held one of the positions that was eliminated. The week after that, I learned the campaign I led was a finalist for the PRSA Silver Anvil awards. Even though I won’t be going to the ceremony and may never get to actually touch the award, I can tell you the honor feels like an Oscar already on my mantle.

And just this morning, the same campaign was named one of five finalists for the Silver SABRE award. I’m really overwhelmed. There are judges in New York who are impressed with my work.

I won’t turn this post into a Sally Field moment:

but I’m awfully pleased and excited. It’ll be hard to wait for May 12 and June 4 to find out what happens at the awards ceremonies. But I don’t think it will be as hard as finding a new job in one of the four states with the highest unemployment due to the economy.

But they say those big movie awards usually open doors for those who win and sometimes for those who are just nominated. I wonder what this will do for me in these uncertain times?