Using Storify to tell a social media story

When your customers or audience is using social media, they are using the channel they love the best. Sometimes it’s Twitter, sometimes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, flickr or Google+. As a social media manager, you know you can use web tools to monitor these channels to find out what people are saying about you.

But when it’s a good story, why not tell it across all those channels?

That’s where Storify comes in.

The platform allows you to search for hashtags, keywords, users and more across multiple social media channels. With the Storify bookmarklet or Chrome extension, you can turn content across the web into nuggets perfect for telling your story.

You can see some Storify stories I’ve put together at work at Wake Forest University. We’ve covered the University’s first TEDx conference, 2012 Commencement, the recent move-in day when students come back to campus, and most recently, Wake the Vote.

Getting started is easy. You can create an account with an email address or log in through Twitter or Facebook. Storify allows you to search many social media channels for keywords, with or without hashtags. And content that you can’t find through those channels? You can create web links for them.

Storify’s blog is done entirely through Storify — which is kind of meta, but a great way to see all the possibilities.

One thing I would like to see is a way to save a Storify as a pdf, for uses other than websites.



I miss Casual Corner

I really wish someone had bought the Casual Corner chain a couple of years ago when it was going out of business. Although I am still wearing some of the clothes I bought at a great discount when all the stores were closing a couple of years ago, I would gladly give them all back if the store were still here.

I admit, Casual Corner wasn’t a vanguard in the style world. But you could count on them for professional looking clothes. I started shopping there in the late 1980’s when I became an on-air reporter for first radio, and then television. They had a great layaway policy: if the clothes you were buying went on sale, you got them for the sale price as long as you kept up your payments and got your clothes out on time. I put whole wardrobes on layaway for the spring and fall seasons. I got to pick what I wanted, they had my size, it all coordinated — how much easier could it get?

You could always count on Casual Corner for a professional suit or separates. I’ve always had a hard time buying suits since I am different sizes on the top and bottom — like most of America. While some CC suits were sold as a set, almost everything came as separates but it all still looked like a suit.

If you had an important event coming up at work, like a visit from a corporate bigwig or were just tired of the shirt you had to go with your navy blazer, you could ALWAYS drop in to Casual Corner and find something.

The sales people at every store I shopped at whether in Wilmington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem or visiting a mall on vacation, were helpful and knowledgeable. When I was a news anchor in Wilmington, the Casual Corner store manager used to call me when she got in an outfit that looked like my style. My mother and husband could drop in and ask them what I would like for my birthday or Christmas — and they always got it right. And I wasn’t telling the sales associates to make me up a wish list. It was something they just noticed if I looked at something or if they had something they thought would look good on me or went with something I owned.

And generally at Casual Corner, if you were a size 8, all the size 8 stuff fit you. No surprises. No changing room trauma with you being a 10 in this, a 6 in that so that you had no concept of where you were on the body scale.

And their accessories! I still have all my Casual Corner pins and quite a few necklaces. I’m not wearing my pins much anymore since I don’t always wear a blazer like I used to, but I just can’t part with them.

Now when you need something special for work, it takes so much longer. Stein Mart is usually a good option, but not a surefire hit the way Casual Corner was. I know there’s Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft for some of my coworkers — oh, and Banana Republic — but their clothes seem to be cut on the skimpier side to me. And I am on the ampler side now, truth be told. Talbots is a good option, but holy cow, the prices! Even the sale stuff is expensive!

I want my Casual Corner back!!

Surprise Picnic Baby Shower

Can it get any better than this? My dear friends at work planned a secret picnic baby shower for me!

They hooked me with an email request to a gang of us to go to lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grill — just about my favorite lunch spot — they know me too well. So my buddy A.K. and some of our interns snag me, but I was going to drive separately since I had to run an errand. Although this put them in a tizzy, they covered well and insisted I follow A.K.’s car. Moe’s is like 1 mile away, and as you now know, I am VERY well aquainted with how to get there. So I said “Follow you? Why? Do you think I’m going to get lost?”

Next thing I know adorable interns Amanda and Liz come running after me: “Can we ride with you? A.K.’s car is too messy.” So they start getting me to chat about stuff, while we’re following A.K. down the road. I start to turn towards Moe’s, but A.K. doesn’t. Quickly, Amanda says “Oh, we found a shortcut. Follow A.K.” I’m thinking … a shortcut past the turnoff to Moe’s? But I follow.

I stop for a yellow light. A.K. didn’t. She pulls off the road to wait for me. Then she keeps going and going and going. So Amanda’s saying “Oh, I remember, A.K. had to drop something off!” Next thing I know, we’re turning in to Oak Hollow Lake and this cute little park, and there’s everyone from the office with a picnic lunch in the shade by the lake. Is that not the cutest thing? Here take a look:

So, since I have gestational diabetes, Mary Leigh and Aleasha and the girls planned foods I could eat, even making me a special cake that had 15g of carbs per serving with sugar-free cool whip frosting!

But here’s the really cool part. They all think it’s really hard to surprise me and thought I MUST have known something was going on. On Monday, I gave Mary Leigh a picnic basket I found out in the garage when I was looking for Tory’s old baby clothes. I knew I would never use it and she collects them, so I gave it to her. I remember she was acting weird about it. “Why are you giving me a PICNIC BASKET?!” but just thought she was surprised and wondering if there was some occasion. She thought I knew about the party and was playing with her. Then when I asked Aleasha yesterday about doing a lunch for a coworker next Wednesday, she snatched up her Treo to make sure I couldn’t see calendar information about my shower or get any other clues. She says I barely missed seeing her with pink balloons and a present when I was coming in to work. Then when I didn’t ride in A.K.’s car today — she thought I knew for sure and was giving her a hard time on purpose! When they found out I was totally clueless and totally surprised, there was a report that they all felt a certain sense of triumph.

I just felt a certain sense of gratitude that I have such good friends who would go to such lengths to throw such a special party. I know I will never forget it.